Saturday, June 17, 2017

then for fun...

I would have a really fun time driving around on trash day and collecting things to be upcycled. For now, I have enough stuff in my own place to work on.  We had a really old picnic table that had a warped top.  I still liked it but it really bothered Rob.  We came to a perfect compromise to just replace the top.  I had this great idea about how much fun it would be to do together.  I can tell you that this was the first and last mosaic project for Rob.  It isn't anything fancy, just left over stuff in my shop.  We are both happy with the results and maybe it gave him a greater appreciation for what I do. 


  1. Clearly, your idea of "isn't anything fancy" is WAY different than mine - LOVE THIS!

  2. Ah ha ha! Let you in on a little secret. The thing about working with glass is that it is like cheating. The stuff looks so amazing before I even touch it. Hard to go wrong. I greatly appreciate your compliment and will just say THANK YOU. XO