Monday, October 30, 2017

happiest glass chameleon ever

Ya!  "be the change" is 20 x 36 inches.  Wow, now that I am sharing more of my ideas as I am working on something, I am noticing just how much I change my mind.  I reread a previous post and see that I was going to put purple flowers in this.  I can't even imagine that now.  I was looking over notes that I made for myself and instead of beetles, it was to be dragon flies.  Weird.
Anyway, this is a really simple signature tile but I stand behind it.  I try to add a little fun close to my signature in some form, like paint spatter on the frame or some type of deviation in the border.  In this case, I put the beetles right there.
These dots and "beads" are strewn through the whole mosaic.  Virtually everything featured is rounded, the background is all square and rectangular.
I have a few extra photos of the chameleon fabrication in a  video on a Bored Panda post.  If you're on BP, give it a thumbs up, please! 

Monday, October 23, 2017

fern and fiddlehead

This is where my chameleon is right now.  A few of these tiles have moved since this photo but almost all of them are now adhered.  Then actually everything else should be breezy.  The chameleon, fiddleheads, and fern are curvy.  Everything else will be square or rectangle, brown or green.  I have some cool mottles to work with. When it gets to this part, I put in long days because I hate to quit. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

here she is!

Well, I tossed my original face and started over.  Having figured everything before, this face only took two firings! Second results are WAY better.  The other one was over fired and started to lose it's shape. Then ultimately, it cracked in half which made my decision to toss it real easy.  Thanks, Universe.  The above photo is a fast and dirty phone photo of most parts laying on a piece of black glass.  I am not yet sure what I will do with the tongue, probably shorten it.  Fling it up? Wave it down? The bottom two tongue pieces are just laying there to give me ideas.  Today I will be working on her two right paws and the branch she will be clinging to.  I have to add her right eye yet, which might be difficult because there is only a tiny bit showing.  But I really want to show her eyes in two directions.  That is the whole reason I worked so hard to find a face that is turned slightly toward me.  I used one photo for a reference of the top half and one for the bottom.  The body is just the same typical, chameleon photo. 

So far, I AM IN LOVE with her.  Gonna be even more happiness if I can get a good front paw with her palm facing me. Then I just need to make the rest of the mosaic to do her justice.  I think I will add a flower for her food to sit on.  I already know I want two bugs.  One will be her right eye focus, the other for her left eye.  Probably all greens and maybe a purple flower.  We'll see.  Green fiddleheads?  Hmmmm

Friday, October 6, 2017


This chameleon has been kicking my butt.  I think I am ONE firing away from finished.  The whole reason I did a chameleon in the first place is the skin texture.  There are very few decisions left here and then I am just adding the remainder of texture layer to her skin.  Seriously, I can hardly stand it.

I listed things I wanted to see. With about ten photos of chameleons, I narrowed down to the three that I sized and printed so I could cut and piece together to make a chameleon in the position I wanted.  On the back of the above list, I have a list just as long of the things I am adding as I am omitting things from the original list.  For instance, I blew past paisley, and I changed my mind to put her tail in front of the branch which is still in my head.
A good reason to do a chameleon is to get crazy with color.  However, I only think in blue so why fight that?  Credit me for being a little adventurous with some green and yellow on her lips and side. 
I have so few decisions left, like what to do with her tongue or even if she has any at all. As soon as I get these pieces all in the kiln, I can start on her two paws for the legs on her opposite side.  I would love to see the underside of her paw whitish but I have to really think about what the background of this mosaic will be.  If I do a black background a light purple paw will be cool.  Yeah, I just talked myself into that... or green.  Hmmmm.
This was after the first firing.  I over-fired and had to recut the tail and mouth. I have made so many eye parts and I am really happy with the eighth one.  Ewww, no, not the one in the above picture.

Both the above eye parts got trashed already.  The one part was reworked and fired two additional times before it landed in the trash.  I just want to point out why my definition of failure is quitting.  There is just so much bullshit that you just won't see in the end result of anything cool that anyone does.  I don't even call these mistakes, they are just part of the path to the eye that looks good enough for my story. The one that I am firing onto her face tonight (hopefully) is exactly how I had envisioned.  I had to stack blue glass and I used my wet saw like a grinder to sculpt this crazy little thing about as big as the tip of my thumb.  So let's see how the day goes.  I might be so excited tomorrow that I do a blog post two days in a row.  I could also wake up to find... Nope. Not going to jinx myself.