Tuesday, July 30, 2019

thanks jess!

I had this "Ball" jar idea for years but never moved on it.  Jess, my intern that I introduced in last post is the most flowery flower person I have ever met.  She talked about flowers so much that I thought that during her 9 weeks with me, I should work on a floral something.  This is the result.  I had a lily made as a sample for a class so I knew one flower that I would use and hydrangea makes a nice blue bottom for the bouquet. Snap dragons were Jess's idea and I love them too.
This isn't framed yet but I will put it up on Saatchi as soon as it is.  The blue glass is over half an inch deep.  "Billet MOSAIC" just cracks me up and it is my favorite signature tile right now.
 I can't wait to see it framed.  Until it sells, it will be loved in my home.
I was trying to work on the canning jar bouquet and a beetle at the same time.  Now I am all about the scarab.  It's going to be an Egyptian thing and I can almost see the end.  I am hoping to work a favorite movie, "Matrix" into it too.  We'll see.  The Matrix part is another thing that has been simmering for a while.  I might be too ambitious to think this might be done by the 26th when I start another residency.  Hmmmmm...