Thursday, May 27, 2010

I can see the finish line

I wasn't going to post a photo of this till it was done. I don't think my mosaic looks so good till its grouted so I hesitate to show people. But I haven't had a photo of my work in the last 4 posts. I feel like I need to have SOMETHING to show that I don't eat bon-bons and watch soaps all day. This photo is from last week. I have mostly just sky left. I would guess the whole thing would be done by now if it weren't for the fact that I am photographing almost every snip of glass that goes down. Yeah, serious. The video is going to be stop action so there are no mpg's in it, just thousands of pics. On top of that, I might even "dub-step" my own sound to it. OK, that part might be a little too ambitious. Kaleo said I could use his music. I have been so focused on this. Today was my day off and I put in about 8 hours on it. So I'm almost at the finish line.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

made in China?

So every artist has heard stories about someone taking photos of your work and sending them to China to be mass produced. At Reston this weekend, the artist in the booth next to me (a woman from China!) was warning me of this very thing. Honestly, I thought it was an urban legend! Well, I guess I will soon find out. I was talking to someone in my booth when I saw someone else taking pictures of my work. When people ask me if they can take photos, I always say yes. In fact, I generally even give them tips on how to photograph glass optimally. This man was lightening fast. He shamelessly went snapping from one work to the next. He never spoke to me and never even made eye contact with me. Even the other person in my booth remarked about the rude "photographer." He was gone before I could say boo.
OK, so here's what I think. I have always said, if somebody wants to copy my work, they have to figure out HOW first. I mean, I can tell you how to do a sheet of bubble glass but it would still take you some work to get it right. THEN, you can only copy what you see. You cannot copy the five million things floating in my head that I am going to be making in the future. Someone can make a cheap copy of something that will sell at chain store but it is just that---a cheap imitation. There is no way to do what I do and be cost effective enough to sell at Target. The important part of my work is texture and dimension. You won't find that in something molded and painted.

I was just at a class by art marketing guru, Alyson Stanfield. She advised that the only way to absolutely prevent your work from being photographed is to keep it hidden which is not a recommended option. I am not worried. What will happen is going to happen regardless of me worrying. Besides, I'm on to the next thing. Catch me if you can. So wow, in a weird way, copying is a compliment.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

this is why art is important

Wow! There is nothing else to say about her except, WOW! She's gorgeous! Evening Naiad is my new original painting by Rebecca Lesney. I wish you could see her in person because she is just fantastic up close. She's been in my living room a while now and I still stop and stare. That won't end any time soon. Of course, I have plans to rearrange all the other clutter around her but I was just excited to get her on my blog. The reason art is so important is because of the way it makes you feel. That is why I always tell people to buy what they love and NOT what matches their sofa. My carpet needs replaced but I don't even notice any more. I met Rebecca at 2nd Floor Gallery and Gallerie 13 where she currently has work. Check it out when you can!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

yeah, I can manage that

Yesterday was one of those days that only linda billet can manage to pull off. Yeah I did it and I'm owning it! Here's what went down. The PLAN was to go to Brooklyn to visit the BWAC gallery that I will be showing in later this summer. Terry Kennedy went along because he is showing there as well. The gallery was to be open 1-6p. So we arrived at World Trade Center shortly after noon and all we had to do was get to BWAC. Sounds simple, right? Here's the part I cannot explain. We never freaking got there! I was sitting in the tub this morning and replaying the day yesterday and literally laughing out loud. There was a series of weird little things that wouldn't have stymied the trip by themselves, but all piled together added up to mayhem. The hardest part is that when I run into friends and neighbors who knew that I'd be taking this little trip, they will ask me what I think of BWAC. How in the hell will I explain that I couldn't find it in 6 hours??!! I'm trying to figure it out myself! Should-a, could-a, would-a. OK, so then when I got home, I left my dog out and minutes later she was sprayed by a skunk. Perfect end to my day. If I could post a scratch-and-sniff picture I would.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

full circle

When I was a kid, maybe around third grade, I loved sitting and coloring with my aunt, an artist. I had always thought she was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Fast forward a bit----her oldest son and I have kept in contact. He has a lovely family and his third grade daughter, Maya, wants to be a glass artist when she grows up. This is a shot of her when she recently came to my studio to play. We spent hours making pendants. I wonder how my life would be if someone would have told me in third grade that you can do something you love to earn a living?
So, Maya, I'm telling you! Not every kid your age wants to color for hours or has the patience to cut and re-cut snibbles of glass and then meticulously assemble these tiny shards. I think you enjoyed doing it because you're good at it. AND I think you're good at it because you enjoyed it! This is what it means when they say "Do what you love and the money will follow." If you are doing what you love, you put in the long hours it may take to be great. You play all day!