Friday, June 21, 2019

YESSSSSS, summmer!

The PPI/Lower Dauphin project is now finished.  Thanks so much to Pennsylvvania Council on the Arts for the help in funding these projects.  The last mosaic was an abstract and the catch was that I had to involve all FIVE of the elementary schools in our district.  Crazy!  I had some kids cut, some kids assemble, and used mosaic tape to prepare the bits for travel to the next school.  The top photo is what the elementary peeps came up with, the bottom photo is what we assembled the parts into.  The finish was predominately done by  a Lower Dauphin teacher and myself.  This is as cheerful as the rest of the five mosaics in the project.  I feel like a boss because there was some unbelievable hurdles in this project.  Thankfully, the Lower Dauphin teachers were extremely flexible and supportive but wow, those kids really stepped up to bat.  I started out thinking PPI/Lower Dauphin would be a dream project and it ended up even cooler than I had imagined.  As usual, all the stymies just prepared me for the next big thing so yeah, I'm ready.  Bring it, Universe!

The end of May, I took on an intern.  Jess has been just what I needed to kick my ass into gear.  Sure, we are doing a lot of menial things like cleaning and other stuff that needs done on a regular basis, but we are also working on a collaborative mosaic, a video of a separate mosaic, and trying to land the next big thing.  This summmer will be hot for us... in a good way.