Thursday, March 4, 2021

"monarchs and milkweed" and "fungus and fauna"

Whew! It has been close to a year since I blogged.  I don't need to elaborate on how weird this year was.  You get it.  One would think that because I work by myself from home ANYWAY, my life would not have been affected greatly.  I thought the same.  At any rate... I had nothing going on to write about.  Then all of a sudden, I was so flipping busy that I didn't have time to write. I just finished two mosaics that were a commission for Limespring Oncology.  Each are 3 ft x 5 ft.  As soon as I get a breather, I will do a video of the fabrication of these two.  Well, that's the plan. 

The initial idea started with fungus.  I wanted to do a dead log with fungus on it and then planned on Pennsylvania wildflowers for the second mosaic.  It turned into a forest and a meadow.
I tend to get kind of wrapped up in my work.  In research for my forest mosaic, I ended up with three pet snails.  In research for the meadow mosaic, I ended up ordering a few milkweed plants that will arrive in spring. 

I have already started preparations for the next two projects.  Both will be group projects and each present challenges I have not faced before.  One is in a school out of my state.  I will have to pack and fly with enough tools for 16 kids and wear protective gear as requested by the school.  In the other project, I will prepare all materials and instructions for people that I will not even meet. I will collect all the glass they assemble and fire it into tiles that I will use to make a big fingerprint mosaic.  I have another residency lined up for summer and a small project that is also really exciting.  How can things get any better?!!!!  I'll tell you next blog post.  BTW, I saw last blog post someone commented and I had not seen it.  They said that they contacted me through my site and I did not see that either.  Please feel free to reach out to  I will look into the problem and fix as soon as possible.