Monday, October 19, 2015

dreams coming true

Once again, I thank the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts for what they do to make projects like this possible.  This was a tremendous undertaking for these kids.  I am just unbelievably proud of them.  Over half of the fifty foot mosaic was covered by seventh and eighth graders!  Some of the classes only had a handful of kids in them.  One of the cutest things is how wonky the letters are in Walt's name.  That was a student's idea.  A different student suggested that we use a mouse for the dot in his i.  
 One day when I asked them to clean up, they grumbled that they wanted to continue mosaicking a little longer.  I said they could if they promised to clean up fast.  They did!
 The goal was to make something colorful for above the book shelves in their school library.  This is a photoshop mock up of what it should look like once it is installed.  For the record, I FIRMLY believe this Disney quote.  Yeah, dreams coming true.