Sunday, January 14, 2018

crazy how this works

For real, how does this stuff happen?  First, I will tell you some fantastic news, then I will tell you the strange turn of events that led up to it.  Good news is:  I am teaching this CLASS!  Info here:  Go ahead.  Click. D&L Artglass

Right now, I am so busy,  that I wasn't thinking about teaching.  I do residencies but that is not teaching.  Then, a few weeks back, I discovered that one of my favorite glass artists, Brian Blanthorn, had died in 2012. He kept a lot of his processes secret and I was wondering if his glass partner and wife would ever share them.  I thought about my own work and the fact that I am willing to share knowledge if asked.  Still, there are things I do that nobody is asking about.  Sharing technique elevates art universally. I don't have time in residencies to do fussy details and when I have time to get glass fancy, I'm alone.

Here is the weird part.  Shortly after this thought train, I got an email asking if I would travel to teach a class.  You know how the Universe works... the inquiry came from the place I most love to travel to - MY GRANDSON'S HOME TOWN!  Of late, Rob and I have been lamenting the fact that we're both so busy that we don't know when we will get out to Denver. Now we know.  It is still contingent on having enough people sign up to take it so if you know anybody that would be interested, please share this info!  While I am not comparing myself to the amazing Blanthorn, I do know a lot of tricks that can make 2D work look more dimensional. That's my thing.  Now it could be YOUR thing too. 😜