Friday, October 6, 2023

year round spring


Well?  My part of this project is done. I cannot imagine any "job" being more fun than mine. There was a serious time crunch to get in before it got too cold to install. This side faces the road.  

This side faces the restaurant.  There will be landscaping and lighting, then it gets a cap on the wall but I am DONE.  There were so many scary things in this because it is outdoor.  

My previous post told the story of the project but I was so happy that a plaque also tells our story... forever!


Once the kids got their tiles done and I fired and sorted them, then I had to put the 20 ft x 5 ft mosaic together on a 3 ft x 5 ft table.  It was crazy to imagine.  I had to put tables together to accommodate the poofs, sometimes an auxiliary table on each side.

Then I started stacking sections that I had on tape for installation.  They collected cat hair for weeks. I had the same amount of stacks from the back of the wall and the poofs were stored in another room.  Nutty!  If asked to do it again, I would say yes in a heartbeat. Life is good.

I am already onto the next project... a peacock!  Woohoooo!