Monday, January 22, 2024


Another dream project swung my way.  I have wanted to do a peacock feather for a long time and kept throwing it out to organizations in proposals and finally got a YES!  Plus, they asked for a companion piece, and I chose a whole peacock. On the 30th, I get to see them both hung up.  I can't wait!  there is so much iridescent in this mosaic. The eye feathers have a ring of irid and also the highlights on his head and neck.

At the beginning, I started to question my decision to go multicolored. Once it was done, I think it makes this bird look even more cheerful.  Both of these go in the MICU in Penn State Hershey Medical Center. 
The feather incorporates tiles made by faculty at the Med Center. They did a fantastic job as you would have guessed.  I regret not having many close-up photos, but I had a phone mishap and lost a bunch of stuff.  I had a great photo of hospital peeps here in my shop working on tiles but unfortunately, that was one that is missing. 

One of the tiles made here at my shop was a cute little ice cream cone.  I had to have that one piece of feather swoop down so the ice cream cone would be upright. It is hard to see but that little drip has an ice cream cone on it.