Saturday, August 25, 2012

jersey boys

WOW!  It has been a lo-O-ong time since I posted anything.  I have not been a slug though.  Just been a bit busy and am now coming up for air.  There were a couple of projects going on including a diaper bag (coolest EVER) and some wedding gifts. Mostly I have been gestating this 30 lb baby.  Sabrina Trips (26" x 26") is a commission with SO many features that I needed to figure out.  I mean Jersey Boys, COME ON!  It was tough and I trashed a few attempts but you know this is what I live for.  I enjoyed every second right down to the last square...which was that hand.  Ironically, the day I got down to just that part and was deciding what would go in there, I spent the day in NYC on a trip that was planned weeks prior.  While in NYC, that hand waved to me at every intersection, "Don't walk, girlfriend!"  You'll notice too that Banksy did some work right beside my tag.  How cool?  So am I lucky?  Hell yeah!  I make my own luck.