Saturday, April 18, 2015


So yeah...  It's been a while.  I just completed a residency that was my most ambitious yet.  I worked with about two hundred MiddWest art students for four school weeks.  I gotta give you a short run down because I am just blown away here.
Consider the fact that everyone in the room shuffles out and new people shuffle in every 50 minutes.  Then subtract the time for the repeated explaining and rearranging that goes on with each switch.  In my calculating, I came up with about 2 to 2 1/2 hours each day, working with about 25 kids (give or take a few) and about 2 hours each day, working with about 4 kids (give or take a few.)  Then subtract the first two days because they spent them just learning to cut glass.  We got done a day early so I will tell you that we completed this mosaic in 17 of those super short days.  I am not even sure how it all got done.  My biggest projects before were three panels in size.  Frankly, I am still trying to figure out how they managed to make those people tiles!

I took a little video but failed to get it in this blog.  An attempt to put it on facebook left it on my daughter's page.  Doh!  Check it here. Normally, the finished work remains in the school that hosts me.  This particular mosaic will be hung at the Middlecreek Area Community Center.  A great deal of the design was driven by input from them, starting out with mountains in the background- complete with the Mount Pisgah altar.  I thank Pennsylvania Council on the Arts for the funding that makes these projects happen.

If this isn't enough to have kept me busy, I have been working a part-time job since January.  If you are laughing at my photo, then YOU try and look cute in an orange apron!  I  hope your spring is turning out as fun as mine is.