Friday, December 21, 2018

everybody has their "stuff"

I had a bunch of wood leftovers from a clean up project.  

This is a wood mosaic that I made for a Christmas present.  It was fun but wood is definitely NOT my medium.  I don't have a good photo of this till it gets delivered and installed.  That saw blade is from the sawmill that my stepdad had.  My brother and I worked with him sawing logs as teenagers.
This huge slab of oak was one of the trees on our property.  The log was so big that the blade of the mill wasn't able to get through it in the first pass.  My stepdad had to use a chainsaw to finish the first cut.  I'm not sure what he had intended  for this three inch thick board, but it laid there for about 40 years.  The wheels were from the carriage that ran the logs past the blade.  I left the chainsaw marks and sanded just enough to feel nice. This bench is quite heavy.
These warped oak boards were meant to be bridge planks and the wheels were also from the sawmill.  The boards weren't cut on that sawmill but they were just as rough. We're planning a fire pit for a spring project and this will be seating for that area.  All right, full steam ahead in glass starting the new year.