Wednesday, June 20, 2012

what you focus on expands

You know I spill my guts to everyone that will listen.  I'll tell you, sometimes it is overwhelming when I think how far away I am from where I want to be. I only have about half a life left to accomplish some big stuff that I have planned!   But instead of lamenting how far I need to go, it is "more better" to celebrate how far I have come.  These photos were my week.  Top one is my booth from last weekend's show, one of the best in the country, the VABeach Boardwalk show.  The photo was taken from my hotel room, a stone's throw from my booth.  There I am standing in my blue shirt with my work while I have that ocean behind me!  So if that is not cool enough, while I'm at the show, I get a call from the Harrisburg Patriot that they are doing a short article on me from photos taken a while back.  I get home Monday to see that it is a whole PAGE of photos of my work.  No shit!  So I was still crapping myself over that and the UPS man delivers the books I ordered.  I knew I got my work in Mosaic Art Today but then I open the book and find it has ten -that's right, TEN pages of my work!  This is nuts.  I mean, this is a book that features the work of some of my idols, and my work is included in that same book.  How does this happen?

I am an artist.  Yup, I am actually an ARTIST.  Sometimes I think about the person I was a short decade ago and I find it hard to comprehend.  I would have NEVER called myself an artist back then but I dreamed about it.  I often think that people may someday find out that I am just me.  Here is how positive thinking works.  You don't just sit around and daydream things up and have them fall in your lap.  Hell no!  Dreaming AND believing AND DOING!  When I started believing that I was an artist, I was able to behave as an artist.  It takes a pair of stones to go to a gallery knowing there is the potential of rejection.  It will take the same stones for anybody to do what they want to do.  I am telling you that whatever you want to be, you ARE that already even if it does not seem that way.  Just start believing it and moving in the right direction.  Put yourself out there.  You have everything you need.  It's in you.  I'm not saying it is easy.  I'm not saying all your goals will be accomplished tonight.  But I WILL tell you that while I am trying to "get there," I love the journey.  Evidence is pictured above...times three.  I stay focused on THESE accomplishments, instead of the ones I have not yet pocketed.  I'll never accomplish all my goals because for every goal I accomplish, I dream up two more. Start dreaming.  Start believing.  Start moving in the right direction.  Enjoy the ride!  End of sermon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

mojito mojo

So cool.  This weekend is our 27th anniversary and we will be at the VA Beach Boardwalk show.  The cool part is that my son and his wife are coming down to VA to hook up with us for a few nights.  We are right ON the beach in our hotel and for the show.  I really worked my ass off to finish "feelin' mojito?" in time to take along.  Why a mojito, you ask?  Those of you that know me will think it is weird because I don't even drink...  I mean its rare.  I saw a bill board and it just got me thinking.  Anyway, one of my daughter's friends is a bartender and I asked him if I could get away with a drink umbrella in a mojito.  I guess it is safe to say that Ernest Hemingway would not approve but I did the umbrella anyway.  It's art, yo.