Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So last night was the reception that MifflinMiddle gave to present the kids' mosaic to their parents. What a night...for real.  House was packed! They gave me flowers and this photo of most of the kids that helped.  The teacher I had been working with on the mosaic was the one that orchestrated the whole shebang.  The night was a collaboration involving kids and arts.  The kids provided music, both instrumental and vocal.  There was kids' visual art everywhere on the walls.  There were high school tech kids that did all the food AND they were shadowed by middle school kids.  I mean mini stained glass cupcakes??!!  COME ON!   
Maybe the best part was talking to a girl that said she was in one of the Mifflin high school classes that I spoke to last week.  She was there with her mom.  It feels good to know that some of the things I have been preaching are sinking in.  This 10 foot tall mosaic is just evidence of truth in my message- that everyone is capable of big things.  Please notice how young these kids are!  I took in cement board and sheets of glass.  BLAM!  You just know it looks 10x better in person too.  On the frame of the picture they gave me, it says, "enjoy the little things."  You know I do... but this was not a little thing.  This was one of the really big things.  So grateful.  Thank you Pennsylvania Council on the Arts for making this mosaic happen.  Thank you Cassie for going so far above and beyond.