Wednesday, November 18, 2009

jungle flowers

I have said all along that I have no preference between mosaic and fused glass. I usually choose the application which would best illustrate what I am trying to get out. But lately all I think about is mosaic. The piece I am working on right now is mosaic-and the next two things that are lined up in my brain are both mosaic too. The latest mosaics I have done all have different thickness of glass so that some parts appear on the surface, while some seem deeper inside the work-sort of dimensional. Yet, the surface is flush.
A really cool thing happened last week. My cousin wrote to me and told me that her grade school daughter wanted to dress up as a glass artist for career day! AND...I got the "Student's Choice Award at the PaGuild's show this past weekend! Woop woop! Life is good.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

now THIS is how you change a tire!

A picture is worth a thousand words. You might call it a bad day when your wheel falls off first thing in the morning but I am gonna tell you just how lucky I am! I was only about two miles from home and I started hearing a weird sound. I got out and looked underneath but saw nothing. I figured it would be best to head back home. It got worse fast so I decided to pull off the road. The second I got off the road, the van dropped! I got out and the wheel was laying beside me. I was LUCKY enough to have lost it while I was safely stopped. I couldn't get the jack under the axle and the jack is too short to be effective anywhere else. I saw a woman outside and asked if she had a jack so I could jack the thing up enough to get my own jack under the axle. I figured I could do this faster than AAA. LUCKILY she did not have a jack because she directed me to a neighbor's house. The neighbor just happened to have a handy little gadget (shown in photo) to pick up my van. Lucky for me, he also had a little tool to rethread the bolts that the errant tire stripped. So many things worked out. My daughter was home and could pick me up from the garage. I think the biggest thing I am glad for is that it didn't happen an hour earlier or later when I was on a 4 lane highway! I guess a good day depends on how you look at it