Thursday, June 10, 2010


OK, so I get a little tired of the fact that art in PA is only considered art if it is a floral or a landscape. I decided I needed to do a landscape. Hmmm, is it considered a landscape if its an ariel view? The piece is called South Running Brook Farm. SRB Farm was a farm near State College that our cousin owned for thirty years. Anyway, in true down-on-the-farm style, I thought I would even throw in a few cows. They are black angus. I thought I did a pretty good job on them. I have included a close up of the mother and baby cow in the top photo. I love the expression on their faces. Mooo

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jim Whetstone beat me to Brooklyn

I thought this was perfect timing. I was just getting ready to post the link for the Brooklyn gallery I'll be at and I got an email from a friend, Jim Whetstone. He had just put up a Brooklyn Gallery on his Captured Moments web page. His site features a lot of different galleries from theTetons to weddings to Pittsburgh. The photo above is called "Lower Manhattan at Night." OK, if that's not enough, this guy does stellar woodwork. I'm saying his work is so good -it's state juried! His pieces are so colorful that they almost look painted. Jim will tell you a story for each wood represented by every color.
But anyway, the gallery I will be in, the BWAC in Brooklyn has a 360 camera on their site which is really cool. You can maneuver right up to see any art. I can't wait. And YES, there are directions on the site....... ummm, yeah- directions, and an address.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I swear its like giving birth.

Some of these pieces take so long and you get SO attached. This took at least twice as long because of the video. I gotta get a camera with a remote before I do another video! I am so flippin' happy with this though.... so happy with the decision to use Kaleo's band's music so crank it up when you watch! I guess you could say I have been working on this for over a decade if you count the time I spent dragging Kaleo to drum lessons.

Here is the link to the video on youtube........ Couple of things about it. Yes, of course it stars yours truly. That was all me. No stunt double for any of those daredevil acts. Basically, I just take thousands of photos and squish them together to make it seem like a lot of interesting stuff goes on in my shop. My hair and make-up people were off the day of the close up but I did put on a clean shirt. The library will have their grand opening July 27th at 4:30. Yup, I'll be there.