Friday, July 2, 2010

Heebie Jeebies

Yeah, this is my new favorite. I made this the way I think all art should be made. I made it for myself. I wasn't thinking about people approving of it. I wasn't thinking about whether or not people would get it or even buy it. I get tired of hearing artists say that they are grinding out what they think will sell.... hence the name for the piece, Heebie Jeebies!
Lately, I have been leaving a white border around my work. I like the look but sometimes I think it is interesting if I can continue the work onto the border and convert into white or clear. I also like my broken shards which have actually become CUT shards because they are easier to control. So the "tape" came about as a way to make sure the shards were really stable. It started out as irid glass but it didn't have the right look. I sandblasted the irid away and it looks pretty much like tape - to me anyway! This is going to NY with me tomorrow. If nobody buys it, I will gladly bring it home to hang in the Billet house. OK, will Rob be happy? That is another story.

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