Friday, April 27, 2018

how can it get any better?

The best part of residencies is that I get to talk to kids.  I try to show them that even though making money is an important part of the equation, it is not the only part and definitely not the most important part.  Making rainbows is high on everyone's list, right? 😋
After the huge library project that we completed in March, this North Schuylkill residency was set up to be far easier.
  There's ALWAYS surprises that come up but besides that, I made a stupid blunder.  On the first day, I decided to expand the project because the kids had gotten so much done... BUT I DIDN'T RE-MEASURE.  We got two days worth of glass onto the addition and realized we would have to trim it.  I have to admit- the difficulties make these projects even more fun. 

 The face was the most intense part.  Yes, students cut the lashes!  
 We used a good bit of mirror amongst the rainbow, creating movement as you walked past.
 These seventh grade hams were my youngest group working on the mosaic.
Initially, the design was going to be the word, "imagine."  I love this so much more and hated leaving it.  After ten days vacation, I will be in my shop with my dog and MY hands on the glass.  This is the ONLY thing better than a residency... FOR ME.  Yes, making money is important, but it pales in comparison to the above.  Luckily, one doesn't have to choose.

Thank you, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

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