Thursday, May 2, 2013

Go Tar Heels!

What a stellar day.  I finished this work last week and it just got picked up.  This is what I live for and I kind of feel like, "How does it get any better?"  I don't always get to see people's reactions when they buy my work so this goosebump moment is something I treasure.  I gotta say, I LOVE commissions and this one was one of the best.  This one got me a check AND A HUG! 
I am not trying to pose as a sports fan.  I don't get sports at all... but for two weeks, I was all about tar heels.  I could have been their biggest fan!  I was searching all over the internet  looking for stuff about the player that was chosen and trying to see details that could be incorporated.  I even sought council from a tar heel aficionado, thanks Ryan!   This commission was fun, the final results pleased me, and pleased my client.  Those three things are all that is necessary for me to call it a flying success.
Oh, and am I worried about someone saying I copied their stuff?  Well, I didn't use any logos.  Colors are fair game.  Carolina did not invent argyle or a foot, and a two letter combo would be hard to lay claim to.

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