Friday, December 9, 2011


All right, it's not the FINAL final picture. It may be January or February till it is done and I can get a finished photo on my site! I can't wait so for now, this is what I got. You can see this will be fantastic when it is done. My part is finished though. The flanking columns will probably be a dark gold. A travertine overhang on top of it will have water raining a curtain of droplets about an inch away from the mosaic. I think I should try to have a boat included in every photograph from now on, right? I hope I can do work like this till I drop.


  1. Looks awesome! What a view to work by too! :D

  2. Linda, It is just beautiful!! Wow, what an awesome place to work. I'm so happy for you. :)
    Elizabeth Wain

  3. That looks so gorgeous! You should be immensely proud :)