Sunday, January 9, 2011

pretty cool january

2011 is already sweet. I was thinking about how weird it is that I love my job so much. I mean, I put in at least twice the hours of my previous job. I am WAY dirtier. I just finished my part of a mosaic fireplace surround and the top photo is a rough one because the project is not finished. But in the past couple of days I was thinking a lot. The last day of setting tile, I was at it till 8p so I could get the grout done the next day. I knew I needed to get a good sleep on because I was starting first thing in the morning with black grout on black glass....definitely a task wearing my prescription lenses! So at ass-0-clock in the morning my eyes pop open and I zone there in the dark unable to sleep. It wasn't because I was worried or dreading grouting. I knew I already had a few tiny cuts on my fingers and would receive plenty more the next day. Glass cut into thin triangle shards goes right through plastic gloves and skin without you feeling it. It will sting when the grout starts caking in it. But the reason I couldn't sleep is because I just couldn't wait to see all the mucked up mess of glass snips in the bottom photo turn into the result in the top photo. Even more than that, I couldn't wait till the owner of the fireplace saw it. Nothing compares to that high. Everybody has their personal legend that would only be fun for them.
So besides that, Shaundi and I cut out sugar, salt, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, white flour, and really anything processed for 30 days. Think about everything that contains those being eliminated. Mind boggling. But the great thing is that my husband who is NOT doing the same 30 day hoopla (and is absolutely NOT in favor of us doing it) made like the best dinner ever without any of those ingredients. On top of everything else, I got an email from Paris from somebody who liked my youtube video. Thanks, Sanem! Great start in January!

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