Wednesday, October 11, 2017

here she is!

Well, I tossed my original face and started over.  Having figured everything before, this face only took two firings! Second results are WAY better.  The other one was over fired and started to lose it's shape. Then ultimately, it cracked in half which made my decision to toss it real easy.  Thanks, Universe.  The above photo is a fast and dirty phone photo of most parts laying on a piece of black glass.  I am not yet sure what I will do with the tongue, probably shorten it.  Fling it up? Wave it down? The bottom two tongue pieces are just laying there to give me ideas.  Today I will be working on her two right paws and the branch she will be clinging to.  I have to add her right eye yet, which might be difficult because there is only a tiny bit showing.  But I really want to show her eyes in two directions.  That is the whole reason I worked so hard to find a face that is turned slightly toward me.  I used one photo for a reference of the top half and one for the bottom.  The body is just the same typical, chameleon photo. 

So far, I AM IN LOVE with her.  Gonna be even more happiness if I can get a good front paw with her palm facing me. Then I just need to make the rest of the mosaic to do her justice.  I think I will add a flower for her food to sit on.  I already know I want two bugs.  One will be her right eye focus, the other for her left eye.  Probably all greens and maybe a purple flower.  We'll see.  Green fiddleheads?  Hmmmm

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