Monday, October 30, 2017

happiest glass chameleon ever

Ya!  "be the change" is 20 x 36 inches.  Wow, now that I am sharing more of my ideas as I am working on something, I am noticing just how much I change my mind.  I reread a previous post and see that I was going to put purple flowers in this.  I can't even imagine that now.  I was looking over notes that I made for myself and instead of beetles, it was to be dragon flies.  Weird.
Anyway, this is a really simple signature tile but I stand behind it.  I try to add a little fun close to my signature in some form, like paint spatter on the frame or some type of deviation in the border.  In this case, I put the beetles right there.
These dots and "beads" are strewn through the whole mosaic.  Virtually everything featured is rounded, the background is all square and rectangular.
I have a few extra photos of the chameleon fabrication in a  video on a Bored Panda post.  If you're on BP, give it a thumbs up, please! 

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