Sunday, January 2, 2011

SO ready for 2011

I know I have so far to go but I am really enjoying this journey. I was just looking through my blog from 2010 and sometimes I forget all the really fantastic things that have been handed to me. I had not even written in my blog yet about my book that Sunbury Press published. How cool is THAT! Search Linda Billet on Amazon and MY book comes up. Crazy! Or how about this.... My friend, Christine Goldbeck, had her Arts on Union Gallery featured on Fox43 and she had me and my artwork on the news! HERE is the link to the segment. OK, so there are signs of growth too. Back in January I wrote about having the good fortune of finding used pro-panels close by in just the color I wanted. Well just recently, Rob decided that we needed a better tent and I swear, within hours, a tent that was used twice went up for sale close by. Is that Universal support or what?!!??
There was the feature in the awesome book, Art Glass Today, a full page photo of Not So Pretty Now in a mag, a newspaper article, an online mag, and at least four blogs featured my work. I made it to Brooklyn (and even got People's Choice in the show) which led to other opportunities in Brooklyn and I hope for MORE. OMG, the library project! Still gushing about that one......AND the video about it with Kaleo's music. The next video will have his music also and it's already started. I CAN'T WAIT till that is done.
So yeah, I definitely took big lumps in 2010. I can truthfully tell you that I am grateful for them all because each provided necessary lessons. I have learned SO much this year. You will see it in 2011, I promise.

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