Sunday, April 8, 2018

coming up for air

Wow!  I came on here to post about the residency I completed this week and realized that I had not posted about the two previous ones.  2018 has been a whirlwind so far and there is no sign of it slowing down... a good thing. I start my 24th residency tomorrow and have one lined up for August.  There's one scheduled for 2019 that will be twice as big as any I've done so far.  It will hang in a Harrisburg hospital.

Above is part of the ten foot tall project we just completed in Juniata.  It is scheduled for a Tuesday installation on the exterior of the Juniata County Library.  I will get photos of it installed when I can get up there. The continents are made up of tiles that the kids made.

The end of February, we made a dragon's eye for the Lewisburg Dragons.  The crazy part is that most of the days we only worked for two hours!

In January, at Midd West, we finished a ten foot mosaic that stayed in their school.  Again, the students each made at least one tile to go into the project.  Honestly, going in to school and opening the kiln is like Christmas morning, unwrapping presents.  I am actually depressed on the days that they have delays or cancel school because of snow.

If you are donating to the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, THIS is what your money goes toward.  I wish you could spend some time with kids that know their work will hang in public.  I wish you could watch them collaborating, persevering, and hustling, then see their swag when they finally finish a month long project.  As fun as it is working with these kids, I am still trying to figure out how to get more of my own work sold.  I just hired a rep and I am thrilled about her.  So the rest of 2018 should stay busy.  How can life get any better?

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