Monday, June 22, 2015

looking forward

looking forward (30 x 48 inches plus frame)

OK, the very first residency I did was in Warrior Run, a school that really values the arts in every form because a lot of their admin is comprised of former art teachers.  The whole school has a wonderful feel to it.  Besides their own art from classes and residencies, they were really proud to show me their art collection purchased from various professional artists. I was impressed. 
 Each year, the graduation class does fund raisers to make money to purchase an art commission that will be added to the collection for future students to enjoy.  I was so proud that they chose me to commission art from this year. 

They wanted their logo and name somewhere within the design, so I chose to put it smack in the middle.
Then I continued on with all my stripes, dots and bubbles that make something billet.

Blue glass and blue glass and blue glass.  Life is good.  Thanks Warrior Run!

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