Wednesday, February 19, 2014

anybody ready for spring?

Whew!  This is how much I have been in my shop lately.  That is Rob hanging with me, getting all "comfortable" with my sandblasting cabinet as a backrest.  He normally avoids my shop but till I get a few things sewn up, this is how we do it.
 All right, these are just phone photos and I ask you to look past gaping ungrouted crevices, and bare cement board but almost all of the hard parts are done.  I have a bee that is about two firings away from a decision of whether he will make the cut.  The poof part of this mosaic took WAY longer than expected... then that yellow flower, come ON!  I am still pushing to have the rest tiled by Sunday.  Then I start another school residency Monday and I can hopefully grout this sucker next weekend.  Regardless, all good.  BTW, when I said I was in my shop all the time, I was sayin' that like it's a good thing, cause it is.  Lovin' this life.


  1. Man, it's so good, it's making me believe spring will one day come again!

  2. That's the great thing... it does EVERY YEAR!

  3. So awesome AND Inspiring you are!