Friday, February 8, 2013

MEEP believing!

I have been at this (hot and heavy) since before Christmas.  I gotta explain why I chose to do Jim Henson as my first ever actual portrait.  I have always been a Henson fan but when he featured David Bowie in a full length movie, that put me over the edge.  Think about this:  What kind of nutter thinks they can puppet for a living?  As a young man, what do you think his friends and fam thought when he probably talked about his ambitions?  Serious props to this guy. 

Now I know you shouldn't judge a muppet by the color of his fur but I am biased when it comes to blue and green.  Besides that, I just think it is cool to add a glass beaker!  Yunk yunk.  I hope to finish a video of this shortly.  Fingers crossed.

I have been criticized for my philosophies but I am finding more often than not that the people that I admire have the same thinking.  Just google Henson quotes and you could learn a lot.  I'll leave you with his most famous. "Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending."  Amen, Jim!  I'll do just that. 


  1. I love your art, your spirit and you choice of subject matter!

    Thanks for making the great art and being inspirational.