Sunday, October 28, 2012

meet diana prince

Great Hera!  I spent quite a bit of time with Diana Prince the past 6 weeks so I know a few things about her.  For instance, did you know the creator of this Amazon princess ( William Moulton Marstonalso) invented the polygraph?  No WONDER she has a magic lasso that will get the truth out of you.  Oh so many cool things about her- seriously revolutionary in her day.

The whole reason she became a mosaic is that blue hair.  I wanted to do something cartoon so I could do that cool blue hair and BenDay dots.  While I was sitting with a tweezers, I began to question that decision but now that it is it.  I mean, first I had to MAKE all those bitty balls.  Then I need it to be fun so I fired the blue on one side, then fired the red on the other.  So when you see it in person, it shifts when your perspective changes.  And yeah, I wanted a big BLAM!  Stars and stripes forever, baby.  She'll be in the Disney show in a week.  YES!

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