Tuesday, June 12, 2012

mojito mojo

So cool.  This weekend is our 27th anniversary and we will be at the VA Beach Boardwalk show.  The cool part is that my son and his wife are coming down to VA to hook up with us for a few nights.  We are right ON the beach in our hotel and for the show.  I really worked my ass off to finish "feelin' mojito?" in time to take along.  Why a mojito, you ask?  Those of you that know me will think it is weird because I don't even drink...  I mean its rare.  I saw a bill board and it just got me thinking.  Anyway, one of my daughter's friends is a bartender and I asked him if I could get away with a drink umbrella in a mojito.  I guess it is safe to say that Ernest Hemingway would not approve but I did the umbrella anyway.  It's art, yo.   

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