Friday, March 4, 2011

see what I mean?

This is how things work. I had just sent a couple of copies of my book to a gallery in Newport. Someone happened to see it just after they had been approached about supplying an artist for an artist-in-residence program. So they give me a call. They want to know how my May looks. Well it just so happens that the two shows I wanted to do in May dusted me. Luck? OK, so I go to a meeting about the artist-in-residence program. It is a dream project but I need to teach a class and be observed first. This is when it pays to have cool friends. I call my teacher friend up and BAM. Next day, I am teaching a class. How do you like me now? So the class was WAY fun. In fact, it was so much fun that they want me to come back so we can make stuff.
The teacher of the class is my friend, Amber Kane. She is a weaver who runs a site, FabricatedEnds. Above is her crocheted, felted wrap. She also gives classes in a lot of different mediums. Right now she is running a class to make wire wrapped cabachons. The class will start March 16th. You can contact her through her site for more information.

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