Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my new baby

I had already posted a link to my youtube video on facebook but am just now writing about it in my blog. You can find it by searching linda billet on youtube or here is the link.- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ScUrrrmzw0 Few things I gotta say....

First- I cannot even believe I got permission from Bonobo to use their music. Kaleo had told me about this band that I would LOVE and he was right! So I figured if I could not get permission I would use generic music that the editing program provided. The whole time I was waiting to hear from Bonobo, I was editing and timing stuff to their song, "Flutter," just in case they said yes! So yeah, I was jumping around the house the day I got the OK email!

Second-The piece,"not so pretty now" would have taken 10-20 days but since I was the person filming and photographing myself the whole time (except about 5 shots that Shaundi took), it took an extra month...it didn't help when I had my kiln broken for an extended period of time. So when I opened the kiln on the morning after the last firing, I was SO relieved. At any time that I was making parts, I could have re-done that part if it came out bad. But for the final firing of the entire piece, if any dust fell onto the glass when the lid closed, or a little fly's eye rolled off the fly and melted onto the wrong place, or anything cracked, or any of a hundred possible things went wrong, then all of the time I spent filming would have had to be redone to make a video.

Third- I gotta be getting an Oscar for this! If not acting or directing, at least editing. I think "So You Think You Can Dance" will be calling me to guest on their show any day now. Seriously, I am pretty happy with it considering I had no special lighting and all video and pictures were done with a little Sony camera!

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  1. Hi Linda. I just found your work because I see you too are doing the Charlotte show next week. I really like your stuff. Blood, bones and nine inch nails-it has to be good! Anyhow, I'm a painter from midtown Harrisburg. I'm surprised we haven't crossed paths at the Mechanicsburg galleries or somewhere. I'll look you up in Charlotte. Safe travels