Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mt Gretna, here I come!

What a busy month! I have a few things I am trying to accomplish as I am getting ready for the Mt Gretna Art Festival Aug 15th and 16th. The reason Mt Gretna is so fun is because it is one of the few shows that is close enough to home that my friends and fam can all go.

I have been trying to figure out the glass I would do for a mobile and I think I have it. It should be done by the show. I had wanted it done by last show!

Started doing a glass curve that can sit in a window or in front of a light. I have three finshed and I am REALLY happy with them. I'm hoping to also have some for gallery night this month at 2nd Floor Gallery .

Besides that, I just finished making the sink for one of my bathrooms, I need to drill the hole in the bottom yet. I LOVE it. Of course, it's blue! Pictures will follow.

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  1. Hi, Linda! I was at the Gretna Art Show, and, I have to tell you, your work made me cry! The New Birth piece with the monarch life cycle really touched me - it reminded me of my childhood and of something deeper in myself. I would have told you in person, but I was too emotional! Thank you for adding so much beauty to the world!